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Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Its True Perspective

Srimad Bhagavad Gita explains an entire description of the dynamic meditational system of the analysis that provides attainment to the Self, that is that the complete spirituality of India and additionally the fundamental supply of the prevailing religions of the entire world.

5200 years long interval srimad bhagavad gita in its authentic and everlasting exposition, compiled by Swami Adgadanand Ji through the blessings of Parampoojya Shree Paramhansji Maharaj. ‘Yatharth Geeta’ is intended to provide you with the noblest sermon made by Yogeshwar Shree Krishn in the ‘Srimad Bhagavad Gita’ – This contains the portrayal, by a sage, after attainment, of that Supreme Soul that abides within our hearts. Every religion all over the world, can be seen as the distant echo of the Geeta.

The Geeta is a sacred writ of the whole of Humanity

Before the advent of Maharshi Ved Vyas, approximately 5200 years ago, no text of any pedagogical discipline was available in the text form. Departing from this tradition of oral and perceiving words of wisdom and knowledge, he compiled the antecedent physical as well as spiritual knowledge in the textual form of four Ved, Brahmasutr, Mahabharat, Bhagwad and Geeta and proclaimed that,

गीता सुगीता कर्तव्या किमन्यैः शास्त्रविस्तरैः ।

या स्वयं पद्मनाभस्य मुखपद्माद्विनिःसृता ||

gita sugita kartavya kimanyaih sastravistaraih |

ya svayam padmanabhasya mukhapadmad vinihsrta ||

“Gopal Krishn has condensed the conclusion of all the Upanishad in the Geeta to enable humanity to alleviate itself from pangs of sorrow.”


गीता भली प्रकार मनन करके हृदय में धारण करने योग्य है, जो पद्मनाभ भगवान के श्रीमुख से नि:सृत वाणी है; फिर अन्य शास्त्रों के विषय में सोचने या संग्रह की क्या आवश्यकता है?

विश्व में अन्यत्र कहीं कुछ पाया जाता है तो उसने गीता से प्राप्त किया है। ‘एक ईश्वर ही सन्तान’ का विचार गीता से ही लिया गया है।

The Heart of all Ved and the essence of all the Upanishad is the Geeta, which was elicited by Lord Krishn and provided sustenance to distraught humanity of a reasoned doctrine and approach to perceive the Supreme Being. This has endowed humanity with the ultimate means of peace. The sage, from among all his works, earmarked the Geeta as the treatise of knowledge and remarked that, the Geeta is suitable for being earnestly taken as the driving philosophy of one’s activities of life. When we have the treatise given to us which was uttered by Lord Krishn himself, why ever would we need to store other scriptures?

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