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When you are picked up in the preparation room, you wait for the president of the jury to invite you to sit down before spreading your sheets on the table (which allows an overview since you wrote only on the recto). The jury then asks you to read the subject. If he doesn’t ask, take the initiative to call him back when the jury invites you to start your presentation. The jury does not interrupt you during the presentation, but it takes notes. Then, at the end of your presentation, the jury will ask you questions that may relate to your presentation and to the theme concerned or to other parts of the program. So you should to prepare for this and find a program that where you can pay for assignments quickly. It may be for the jury to assess the candidate’s mastery of a certain number of subjects of the program or to try to determine how far a candidate is capable of going in terms of knowledge and reflection. Therefore, do not draw hasty conclusions about your performance if the jury has constantly interrupted you: this is not especially a bad sign.

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