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Whenever virtuous tendencies have been eliminated in the world, and nefarious tendencies have augmented within the minds of humanity, great divine prophets have been incarnated in the world. Such great sages have alleviated human beings from satanic tendencies and brought them on the path to the attainment of salvation. These great sages are incarnated as Ram, Krishn, Buddha, Mahavir, Eknath, Kabir etc. They commended the path of attainment of freedom for all human beings. In the present times, reverend Swami Shri Paramhans Adgadanand Ji is one of such enlightened saints of this calibre.

Shri Paramhans Adgadanand Ji is the pupil of Yogiraj Yug Pitamah Reverend Swami Shri Paramanand Paramhans Ji. Swami Shri Adgadanand Ji is above all the bindings of caste or faith, space and time; and has conquered over worldly desires, anger, greed and illusion. Free from social or traditional pretence, he is an enlightened sage who is enlightened enough to perceive beyond the boundaries of time-scale and is a divinity personified.

The spiritual life of the Swamiji began at Anusuiya ashram under the guidance of Swami Shri Paramhans Paramanand Ji. Having attained divine knowledge, in accordance with the Divine dictates he began explaining the process of attainment of salvation to the people.

In order to free society from the clutches of misleading religion rituals, Swamiji compiled a book - ‘Shanka Samadhan’ (Doubts and clarifications). In this book, Swamiji has resolved the prevailing pretentious rituals by giving references of the discourses of the great saints and sages as well as citing the dictates of the Geeta, the Ramayan and the Puran.

Although thousands of learned persons have tried to write commentaries on the Geeta, none has been able to properly explain the objective of Shri Krishn, as in order to understand the purpose of the Yogeshwar Shri Krishn one will have to reach His level. Only through continuous pursuit of the path of spirituality can one reach that spiritual state. Swami Shri Adgadanand Ji today belongs to such a spiritual state (the spiritual state of Yogeshwar Shri Krishn). In his book, the ‘Yatharth Geeta’, Swami Ji has deftly explained the purpose of Shri Krishn’s divine speech – the Geeta.

In his book ‘Jivanadarsh Evam Atmanubhooti’ (Ideals Life and Self-Realisation) Swami Ji has compiled the biographical account and spiritual experiences as well as discourses by his revered Guru Swami Shri Pramanand Ji.

The book –‘Ang Kyon Phadakte Hai Kya Kahte Hai’ (Why do Body Parts Vibrate And What do they Say?) - spiritually analyses why do various parts of our body vibrate and what do such vibrations indicate.

‘Anchhuye Prashna’ or ‘Unexplained Questions’ – In this book, Swami Ji has taken up such questions, which have not come to the notice of the society. Besides, clarification has been provided on the subjects related with Dhyan (meditation), Hath Yoga, Chakra Bhedan and Yoga etc. and guidance has been provided to the disillusioned masses.

‘Eklavya Ka Angutha’ (Eklavya’s Thumb) : The difference within learning, Guru and a virtuous Guru has been explained in this book. A teacher teaches the art of living in a society, whereas, a virtuous Guru enables enlightenment of the supreme essence with spiritual prosperity and attainment of the highest state of spiritual realm.

‘Shodashopchar Poojan Paddhati’ : This book explains that establishing one’s devotion in one God, and teaching to meditate upon one God is a religious ritual.

The book - ‘Pranayam’ - explains the actual nature of Pranayam.

According to 'Yogshastriya Pranayam' When the inhalation, exhalation becomes requlated with the practice of Yam, Niyam and Asan. It becomes tranquil, then it becomes Pranayam. There is nothing like Pranayam separate from it. It is a state of yogic contemplation. This book contains the elaboration of this point.

According to 'Yogshastriya Pranayam' of Maharshi Patanjali, yog is direct perception. It cannot be expressed through words or in black and white. The devotee can understand it only by following the practical path and can know the real intent of the Maharshi.

In the booklet 'Yatharth Geeta Ke Akarshan' all the religious and spiritual questions have been resolved in the light of Geeta.

Shri Paramhans Ashram, has organized the publication of the books of Swami Ji, in Indian as well as certain foreign languages. Audio cassettes have also been prepared based on the ‘Yatharth Geeta’ and distributed in many languages. Audio cassette of the discourses in the divine speech of Swami Ji has also been produced. The Ashram has undertaken all this work with the intention of spreading the words of Swami Ji in every home, so that the salvation of all the living beings of this universe can be attained.

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