Bal Geeta English Part 1

For All the Students of the World.

This interpretation of the Bhagwad Geeta, as it is, is easy to understand for children from 1st to 5th Standard. This text should become a part of the child‛s life as it will help them understand who they are, and help them for the future, in an unimaginable way to inculcate values amongst children. This is the most historical and important moment of your life since you are going to be introduced to the Geeta. The Geeta is an ocean of knowledge, and the first epic that narrates the word of God. The knowledge present in the Geeta, was spread to all at the beginning of creation. It is an ancient and priceless source of wealth to humanity and today it shall be revealed to you.

Arya, Sanatan & Hindu Dharm

Dharm is Never Mutable.

On the morning of 4th April, 2011 in Paramhans Ashram, Shakteshgarh, Uttar Pradesh, during a spiritual discourse, a devotee asked a question - “Maharaj Ji, these days we hear about the proselization of Hindu, please tell us the solution to this problem?” Revered Maharajshri replied that this concern has been dealt with at various places within the Ashram Literatures. Most revered Sri Paramhans Maharaj Ji faced a similar question that the word “Hindu” is not found inside the ancient Indian scriptures. This nomination had been hatefully addressed by Arab invaders, in the past, for the people residing on the banks of river Sindhu, which by efflux of time had also become a mark of identification of the residents in this same area; then, how ‘Hindu dharm is Sanatan dharm’ ?

Dharm In Its True Perspective

In the whole of the India, from time immemorial, there has been only one definition for Dharm, in which there is only one God, one practice, and finally one result i.e. attainment of God. The method of awakening of this attainment is possible only through an enlightened and totally accomplished teacher (Sadguru). Solutions to all the problems of materialistic world, provisions of felicitous human life and attainment of ultimate bliss are all the benefaction of the Dharm. Scripture has been provided by Lord Krishn himself, interpretation of which is the subject matter of totally accomplished and enlightened sages. But, since last almost two thousand years, mainly from the era of Pushyamitra Shung, distortions initiated taking place in the Dharm since the decision making power got vested into the educationist teachers through the passage of time. Nowadays, so many activities have cropped up using the name of Dharm, such as patriotism, amiableness, social service etc. which are not Dharm in its true sense.

Glories of Yog

The devotees requested Maharaj Shree to remove the cobwebs of wrong notions and throw light on the true nature of Pranayama. Further, queries and questions were raised on Hath – Chakra – Penetration and Yoga? Whether Idol worship is desirable or not? What is real Yoga? A lot of confusion exists regarding various forms of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Raj Yoga, Laya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, Shat Chakra Yoga and Yoga - Asanas? Some queries were regarding the true nature of Dhyana (Meditation) which have been forwarded for exposition by the saints gathered at the Ashram at large. Many of them have attended Meditation camps at different places but failed to get peace. One of them was particularly inquisitive to know about – what is Meditation and on whom to meditate? As there was a lot of confusion about it was prevailing in the society.

Maharaj Shree was kind enough to speak on this subject and make a thread – bare analysis of it for the benefit and welfare of the devotees. The talk was delivered in Hindi. The English rendering of it is presented to the World – wide circulation.

Jeevanadarsh Evam Atmanubhuti

Realisaiton of the God, incarnation and medium of their divine speech are only the great and enlightened sages. With this fact in mind, the propitious like sketch of Rev. Paramhans Ji Maharaj Ji is being published for the spiritual development of the humanity at large.

The ideal life, miraculous events, the Barahmasi to uplift and enlighten the self – realisation, Glimpses of Discourses, Super – human powers and faculties are included in this work. This book will provide guidance to the persons treading the path of life and when they accept the directions set in, attain the greatest of the ultimate aims.

This work endeavours to explain the ancient traditional spiritual truth and the path of ultimate bliss. Hence, you shall be able to get the divine inspiration from this book as to how and where to search for the Truth.

Ahinsa: In the view of Indian Sages

Ahimsa (Ahinsa) is a complicated question. It is a Yogic word, the word which points out to the inner spiritual Sadhana, but later on people linked it with the violence of living beings of the external world.

In this book, we will find how our ancestors, great sages, have taken non-violence. In this book - 'Ahimsa' in the light of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Shri Ramcharitmanas, Mahavira Swami and Gautama Buddha have been explained.

Why do the Body Parts vibrate? What do they say?

God can speak from all places – through tree, through rocks, through water & land, through firmament, through animals-birds, through rivers & mountains, through animate-inanimate etc, thus he can deliver instructions through any medium. He is the doer, non-doer & capable to get done through the other mean. The whole world everywhere is his brilliance. Perceived through ears- eyes-mind & senses - this entire creation is his instrument’s string. For afflicted loving devotees, when he, becomes such inspirer, ‘who contents the eyes’, then he accomplishes his work from all places.

In this book, the cause of the vibrations and its signs in different parts of the human body has been analyzed, which is very helpful in the spiritual practice.

Who should be Worshipped?

Innumerable systems of worships are prevalent these days, instead of one prescribed system of attainment of One God propounded by the Geeta and other scriptures on Yoga. Some might say worshipping the cow is true religion (gau-dharma), whereas according to others Peepal tree (a holy tree) could be true religion (Dharma); while some other might exhort the importance of caste-system (varna) and ashrams. Hence, ‘what is a true Universal Religion’ is the question, baffles many a minds. The question today is similar as ‘Who is our God? Who should be worshipped?’ This is the primary book of the path of worship and spiritual path. Must read.

Maharishi Patanjali's Yogdarshan

After the publication of Yatharth Geeta, which is a commentary on "Srimad Bhagavad Gita", the devotees requested the revered Swami Ji to throw light on Patanjali's Yog Darshan too because yog is related with self - realisation. It cannot be perceived on material grounds. The revered Maharaj Shree is a Mahapurush who has passed through all the stages of Yog. The present work is the collection of what Maharaj Shree delivered in his preaching.

By going through this commentary one can understand what Yog is but the real perception of Yog is possible only after practical pursuit of Yogic - Sadhana. With Tap, Swadhyaya, Ishwar - Pranidhan and chanting of Om, the real Sadhana starts. By their practice, the Avidhya and Kleshas got removed and the self starts transmitting beneficial vistas. In their light alone the Yogic - maxims written by Maharishi Patanjali can be truly comprehended. Yog is direct perception, no oral or written words can explain it. Practical pursuits alone can make the comprehension of Yog - Darshan possible.

Reservations & Doubts of Society - Their Resolution

Some of the devotees of Shri Paramahans Ashram Shakhteshgarh, Chunar, Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh) presented a list of questions related to Gita in the month of May 2005 before Maharaj Shree, whose solution is presented in the words of Revered Swami Ji.

In this booklet all the social, religious and spiritual questions have been resolved in the light of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Prerna Strot

Some of the features of this book inter-alia includes: Life of Swami Ji, Attractive feature of Yatharth Geeta, Divine Messages proclaimed by the Holy Saint, Problems of Humanity and Solution, An Immortal Messages for the Humanity.

Gains By Bhajan - Queries By Youngsters

During the tour of Faridabad, Himanchal Pradesh, Nainital and the hilly regions near Nepal from September 20 to 3rd November 2010, some young persons expressed their doubts and inquisitiveness to Maharaj Shri know about the utility of Bhajan and spirituality which he has, thus very cogently answered.

This book briefly summarizes many questions of young people, highlighting the imperative requirement of hymns. If a person is devoted to One God in the spiritual plane, then he will continue to lead the sadhana in the protection of the Lord, not only he will receive help in his wordly affairs, the ultimate beatitude (salvation) is sure to be attained because any progress made in this path, shall never be lost.

Resolutions of Doubts

In order to free society from the clutches of misleading religion rituals, Swamiji compiled a book - ‘Shanka Samadhan’ (Doubts and clarifications). In this book, Swamiji has resolved the prevailing pretentious rituals by giving references of the discourses of the great saints and sages as well as citing the dictates of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and the Purana on topics such as Who should be Worshiped, Religious Rituals (Karmkand), Havan, Yagya (Sacrificial Action), Celibacy, Gayatri, Yuga Dharma, Non-violence (Ahimsa), Sin and Righteousness, Santana Dharma, Varna (Caste System and its Classification), Vipra, Arya, Protection of Cows (Gau Raksha) etc.

Untouched Questions

‘Anchhuye Prashna’ or ‘Unexplained Questions’ – In this book, Swami Ji has taken up such questions, which have not come to the notice of the society. Besides, clarification has been provided on the subjects related with Dhyana (meditation), Hath Yoga, Chakra Bhedan and Yoga etc. and guidance has been provided to the disillusioned masses.